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Watt Bomb Apparel Season 3 Cycling Kits


The concept of Watt Bomb Apparel was born many months ago, but it wasn't until an afternoon spent chewing bar tape and 'fighting like crazy in the hurt box' that they had a name. The name conjures up some great images of going full gas and attacking relentlessly, which is what the local Geelong brand was going for. 

We spoke to one of the creators of Watt Bomb Apparel about their premium cycling garments and how the name came about. 

What inspired you to create your own kit / brand?

We had toyed with the idea of making our own cycling kits simply for ourselves for some time…We didn’t want to be in all black or block colours. We wanted something more, something fresh…We’ve worn many of the major brands out there but for us there was always something that didn’t feel quite right; After a year of research searching for the best raw materials, fabrics, patterns and chamois, Watt Bomb was born.

Our goal was simple, produce cycling kits that are a fusion of fashion and performance. Comfortable from day one and designs that will turn heads with an undeniable quality.

How did you arrive at the name Watt Bomb?

It came about after a long day in the saddle with some mates. On the return trip home we decided to spice up the ride by launching into attack after attack after attack. One by one we all had a crack at breaking the group and each time someone went off the front they yelled, 'Watt bomb!' To this day, we still have no idea where this came from or why we were doing it, but it was great fun at the time. Once the dust had settled post ride, the term Watt Bomb became a discussion point and it didn't take long before we had a name.

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