Sir Bradley Wiggins - How far will he go....? WIN a Musette Bag. June 7, 2015 15:45 6 Comments

The great man tests himself in the hour of truth tonight. Some might say this is cycling's holly grail for a time trial specialist...There has been much speculation about the distance he will cover. Now it's your turn to weight in...

The first person to guess the exact distance down to the decimal point will win a FREE Musette bag from Watt Bomb Apparel.

Image by : Robbie Mathieson via

How to enter:

  1. Enter down to the decimal point (3 decimal points) the distance Sir Bradley Wiggins will cover in the comments to the post
  2. You must log you details to be successful
  3. If two people enter the same guess the person who posted the guess first will win.

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Good Luck!