The gripper of the future June 7, 2015 11:59

After years of cycling in uncomfortable thick elastic gripper bands now there's a solution that not only feels amazing but looks great too. I know from experience that those bulky grippers are annoying, uncomfortable and most of not aerodynamic at all. 

Our micro dot silicon injected power bands are designed to overcome the flaws of the past. No more bulky grippers digging into your skin, making you itchy uncomfortable and not to mentions they're just plan annoying. Our silicon injected power bands feel like a second skin leaving you wondering what's holding your knicks in place. Clients that have worn these bibs simply rave about how comfortable and effective the power bands are.

If you still stuck in the year 2000 with bulky elastic gripper take a look you'll won't regret it!

Watt Bomb Apparel's INFINITY Bibs