drop'n the hammer...Rider Profile June 19, 2015 14:54

In the first instalment of "drop'n the hammer" we caught up with Watt Bomb Apparel ambassador Brad Eastick. Brad currently leads the NCSX in Masters 1 after two rounds..

(Photo Credit: Kirsty Baxter)

Name: Brad Eastick AKA XhotbradX
WB: What is your favourite local ride and why?
BE: I would have to say kinglake or Wildwood loop on the road bike or yarra trail on my cross bike. I like that both Kinglake and wildwood go from being in the city to the country in less that 50k's and growing up in Sydney you just don't get that. It's nice to be able to ride trails in the city as well.
WB: What bike are you currently riding?
BE: Road bike is a Fuji Altamira sl with di2 ultegra and a power2max power meter.
CX bike is a Stoemper Cross bike with sram CX1 or a carbon CX bike with di2 ultegra. 
WB: What's your dream Bike?
BE: I don't know if I have one I'm easy give me a bike and I will ride it, but I do really love Geekhouse bike from Boston and do really want one.
WB: What music are you currently listening to?
BE: This is too hard to answer as I like all music, but I have been getting into a lot of EDM like 
chet faker, Flume, SBTRKT, hermitude. Also the new Bane Album is being played non stop as well as I tend to always go back to my punk/hardcore roots
WB: Tell us about your love of cycling? And how it began?
BE: That would have to come from my Granddad who got me and my sister bikes when we where both very young. It's just evolved over time to what it is now. I love riding as it makes me feel free and when I'm in a bad mood I hop on my bike and it makes me fell like a new person. 
WB: What is it about cycling that keeps you going (that feeling)?
BE: It's the feeling of being free and seeing the world go past at a nice pace.
Also I like how one day you can ride and drink all the coffee and eat all food you want and the next day you can do 200ks or get out there and race...
WB: Tell us about a high in your cycling career/life?
BE: I would say the first day I was able to ride by myself with no help, I just hopped on the bike and rode it, I had the freedom that I still have now. 
WB: Tell us about a low point in your cycling career/life and what have you learnt from it?
BE: That would be the time I broke my collarbone, shoulder blade, 2nd rib and shaved bone off my hip. I was riding home from a CX race with friends and my carbon bars broke. I have learnt two things from that....
1 - don't use carbon bars and 2 - always have ambulance cover.
WB: They say you can tell a lot about the type of coffee someone orders, what’s your coffee order?
BE: BLACKKKKKKKKKKKK. Anything black coffee. 
WB: What do the next 12 months hold for you?
BE: Place in the top 10 at the National Cyclocross Championships in the Master 1 category and also land in the top 5 at State Championships as well. Also I would really love to get to the USA and race Cross over there. Also have a good summer crit season as well.
WB: What kick ass daily habits do you have?
BE: I don't know if its a kick ass habit, but it is a habit and that's having 3 to 4 coffees a day. 
WB: Finish this sentence. When I don’t ride I’m…..
BE: When I don’t ride I’m…..eating, sleeping or at work, but always thinking about riding or eating baked goods.
Thanks to Brad for taking the time to answer our questions. We look forward to seeing his big results in the coming weeks.