The AWAKENING August 7, 2017 22:07

The AWAKENING release is a journey of rediscovery. We had succumb to the pressures of conformity. We had fallen into the trap of designing kits that were  mainstream or tried to design for the masses. 

Our original mantra was to design kits that stood out in the bunch and that's what we're committed to. Don't expect block colours, pin stripes and an abundance of primary colours. We will draw inspiration from all aspects of life, to create rich, textured, vibrant kits with limited numbers released, meaning every man and his dog (or sheep) won't be in the the same kit as you.



STRYKE when your competitors show weakness. I'm bold, confident and have a relentless appetite for inflicting pain on my fellow competitors. I bring people together to experience both passion and pain. STRYKE is not for the faint hearted. 


Drawn from the inspiration of wild animals the RAGE is all about raw power and aggression... On those cold,crisp mornings the animal within urges me launch the perfect attack. I am raw power and act on animal instincts. When the time is right I will attack swiftly and effortlessly leaving those behind wondering where that attack came from...

The RAGE LS Jersey Pattern

The AWAKENING, released Wednesday August 9, 2017. Sign up to the REVOLUTION for early access and VIP pricing.