About Us

Definition of Watt Bomb:

Definition: A massive amount of power delivered from a cyclists legs, causing significant damage to public roads, pelotons and egos.

Welcome to Watt Bomb Cycling Apparel

Have you ever had a ride where you felt like you didn’t have a chain…you could drop the hammer at anytime and blow your opponents away?…Or the time where you’re trying to hold your mates wheel, grimacing, chewing the bars off your stem trying to squeeze out that extra 50 watts?…This is what we love; that feeling of sweat dripping all out power, fighting like crazy in the hurt box, pushing your body to limits you never thought were imaginable!

Who is Watt Bomb Apparel?

Watt Bomb Apparel was born in Geelong, Australia by cyclists with flare and attitude, hence our designs. Our aim is to provide the cycling community with a fusion of cycling fashion, performance and comfort. The concept of Watt Bomb Apparel was discussed on many a long ride where a group of mates had been dropping “watt bombs” on each other all day long.

At Watt Bomb Apparel we’re cyclists just like you, searching for the ultimate ride, more importantly looking great while you drop the hammer and blow your mates front wheel off. We’ve searched the globe for premium Italian & Swiss Fabric to ensure our cycling garments will make you beg for MORE! Our cycling garments are designed for performance, marginal gains and comfort. We’ve collaborated with Italian & Swiss fabric suppliers and created the only cycling kit you’ll ever want…Once you slip into our kit you will know it’s a Watt Bomb kit. Your butt deserves nothing but the best, so we’ve chosen what we believe to the the number one chamois in the world to keep you peddling all day long.

We’re performance, We’re Comfort, We’re Cycling fashion…We are Watt Bomb!